What is Spaced Repetition System (SRS)?


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You have probably experienced the frustration of learning several words and then forgetting them a few days later. There is a system that will allow you to learn much more vocabulary in less time without forgetting everything!

This system which is called Spaced Repetition is based on neurolinguistic research which shows that memory follows a curve of forgetting and that it is possible to take advantage of it to maximize memory.

How it works?

  1. Each time you learn a word, the strength of memory will gradually fade over time, until it is forgotten.

  2. If you revise the word just before it's time to forget it, a fascinating phenomenon occurs and the memory curve changes.

  3. This allows you to space more and more the time interval between each revision for your word. Your memory and your time are thus optimized!

Hanpath's smart flashcards takes care of all this complexity for you. We calculate the memory curve for each of the words you learn and present you every day with the words about to be forgotten.

💡 We also uses active memory which is one of the keys to long term memory. All of our flashcards are interactive and require thinking about the answer rather than passively choosing from an answer list.

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